Why does no one answer my questions?

i feel really lost and when i ask for help on any avenue i get no replies, no help... i feel like my problems are just unique to me and no one can help me as a result... i really don't know what to do anymore. I'll try one last time posting something online. Male, 23, just graduated with a Bachelors in business management. I've applied to over 50 jobs this summer, been to over 8 interviews and followed up on a lot of jobs, i simply can't even get a job for minimum wage..., i can't afford to drive a car anymore, i bike to interviews... i can't date if i can't even afford to take a girl out to dinner. The bigger issue though is getting a date, in college according to everyone i knew i am extremely good looking but lack confidence. how do i put myself out there to find a girl? i never had interest in hook ups, i could of had countless hookups in college, i chose not to. i googled this and people say go to a library etc and talk to a girl, this just makes no sense to me, i might as well go up to a girl on the side walk and say want to go on a date? what am i doing wrong?


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  • Well, just like other people said you might have lack of confidence. Or maybe you don't go to the right places to meet girls.

    • if you had half a brain maybe u would of read what i posted and knew that i was asking where the fck is the right place to meet girls? and no confidence is not my issue

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    • Ok after reading he's comment I know why he ain't getting jobs. he's too confident and sure of himself.

    • @yucel_eden I think so. And he's rude.

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  • (Sound of crickets chirping in background)


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  • You need to man up and handle your own shit. Maybe its coz you are without confidence that you do badly at interviews. Business graduates are not engineering or law graduates, you can't just walk into a job, you need to work hard.

    As for this website, the time you put up a message is important as the majority is in the US. And also, this website shoudnt be for advice, its for opinions.

    Learn to handle your own shit and you'll be succesfull.

    • advice is an opinion -.-... thanks for the opinion by the way, i do work hard, i sleep like an hour every night if that, up working on my online business, i show zero fear or lack of confidence in interviews, i understand your view though ty

  • Cos you right laborious blocks of text on boring subjects.

  • i only read like 3 lines, but if you're prioritising dating over a career, then that's your problem

    • yea.. i'm not, goals before girls all the way, but that doesn't mean i can't focus on more then one thing in life

    • that's true, but if you don't have a career i would definitely put a hold on everything dating wise until i got one, that's just me tho... you do you OP

  • Hey heyyyyyy. You've just had your question answered

    • ty sooooo much damn i feel soooo much better

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