GUYS AND GIRLS:why do guys cut me off? Or why do they just lose interest all of a sudden?

I always feel like I have always wanted someone more than they have wanted me. Whenever I talk to guys, in the beginning they seem so interested and the after like a week, they just stop texting, or they reply late, sometimes even ignore my texts. Keep in mind, I don't do sexual activities w them (I mean it's only been like a week) so I don't think I come off as super easy? Guys always like girls and they end up staying w them and talking about how amazing she is, which never happens to me. The guys I talk to just stop or they always seem to find someone better. Is my personality ugly, am I ugly? I don't know, why do guys do this? Like am I no longer interesting to them? Also don't say "wait for the right one" because people have relationships long ones and that person isn't right for them, but guys always just seem to lose interest in me after 2 weeks and they seem to maybe find someone better? it really upsets me. Like am I not good enough?


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  • You're dodging guys who only wanted to fuck you. Easy. You're about to make the mistake of turning into a megaslut. I can see it now.

    • So I'm talking to the wrong guys?

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    • haha I'm American

    • Yep, thought so. Oh well lol

      I like American accents too

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  • Do you make sure that you are still keeping a bit of a distance, even when you are talking at first? I mean you're doing it right by not being sexual. But you also want the guy to still feel like he has something to "chase." So even if they are really interested at first, if you reflect back this interest right away they might end up losing interest too soon. That is why you show a little bit of interest, without giving 100%. With time, you can gradually start showing more and more interest and by then hopefully they'll stay... I don't know that's just my advice it may or may not work because I don't know the reason for that behavior. But if you get too attached too soon or make it seem like you're way too into him, a lot of guys will subconsciously get turned off... it's kind of natural.


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  • Without knowing you or even what you look like, no one is going to be able to give you an answer that's even close to accurate.

    My *guess* is, you're not showing interest. Or you think that playing hard to get or some other stupid game is a good idea.

  • Maybe you come on too strong too fast?


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  • I don't know, but I get this too.

    Like you, I am careful not to have sex too soon. I also play it a little cool, but not too cool. I don't over text etc.

    I have often asked my male and female friends, and they say that I'm not doing anything wrong.

    The only thing people do say time and again, is that I pick the wrong men. But I'm not sure how to correct that.

    It is upsetting though, have a hug