Ladies what would you think of a guys who posted something like this for social media to see on FB or Instagram?

this is the source by the way.

what exactly would you think of him? I ask this because i dont want my former coworker that I had a crush on think low of me

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wow I can't believe how much negative and gun jumping answers I got out of this. I was thinking of posting this on that community in Reddit called "Today I learned" and title it...

"TIL that being to honest is not what is cracked up to be."


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  • There's a difference between being honest, and doing everything you can to highlight your less desirable qualities. Plus, the way this is written, it focuses on making you sound very difficult to date- which apparently is the point, so well done, I suppose.

    Honesty is important. But by advertising reasons not to date you, you're putting these negative ideas about you in people's heads and providing nothing positive to balance it out, and in the process you're coming across as angsty, standoffish, and uninterested.

    The key is balance. Being honest doesn't mean highlighting nothing but your negative characteristics. It means showing your true self as a real, genuine human who is not perfect but still has tons of great qualities and who is still worth getting to know.

  • It's a turn off. Why point out reasons not to date, that's so negative. It would be best to post reasons to date you , and point out your positive attributes

    Personally, I wouldn't post anything like that. I'd rather people show a genuine interest in me by making an effort to get to know me. Instead of making a judgement about me based on a list of things.

    • have you ever heard of ulterior motives?

    • Yes , but it seems pointless

    • its not pointless at all, you see obviously nobody is perfect in this world an most of the people who only put their so called positive qualities about themselves are usually super creeps looking for another fool that they can trap in their world of insanity. oh well perhaps this song will explain it better than I do...

  • It's a turn off. This guy might be better suited as a friend or something, but I wouldn't want to date him. Some things on that list I'm ok with. I don't mind if he needs his space once in a while, but if he'd rather be alone all the time and we don't do anything, what's the point? Hating commitment is also a no, I want a partner I can trust.

  • Red flag
    Looks like a childish thing to post.

    • how is that childish?

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    • people do "why should you date me" all the time so i decided to do something different and spice things up

    • Signing this opinion.

  • I just think its immature and attention seeking. This guy wants people to feel sorry for him.

    • I sign this too...

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    • Dude, yawn all you want, but yr poll is currently 0-26.


    • @redeyemindtricks I don't care, its not like I'm getting pay for every positive answer I get nor am I getting money deducted out of my account for every negative answer I get

  • Well, I see that he is honest, I like that.
    But I would lose interest in him. For me it's like he's saying he doesn't want to date.

  • Turn off, obviously, but I'm guessing that's what it's meant to do... Or am I wrong?

  • i would suppose that he was very depressed and needed therapy.

  • turn off.
    You said reasons to not date you then ok I get it I would not date you ''that's what all girls will think"

  • Good grief, I hope you took it down before she saw it!

    Points 3, 4, and 5 on that list would have most women mentally taking you off their 'dateable' list. The rest of it's not great either.

    • oh great now I'm actually gonna keep it up and I hope she really does see it because if she crosses me out over that than that is one less problem I gotta deal with in life

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  • Lol this boy seems very full of himself.