What is wrong with me? Am I the only person like this?

Even when I was younger, I ve always had problems with understanding my feelings. I used to get nervous, and blotchy around a guy that I had a crush on. Get really excited about a text or a compliment everything just seemed so much easier and obvious. I am now 19 years old and I can t even understand my own feelings. I don t get nervous anymore, I don t feel butterflies or get excited. I have completly forgotten the feeling of liking someone. I have many guys that want some kind of relationship from me but I feel nothing when I m around them. Even ridiculously hot guys I find myself not feeling anything. I m so confused about my feelings they re all over the place. I change my mind all the time and my feelings change as quick as my emotions and of course I m messing guys around because of this. I never know if I like someone untill they leave me or I obsess over bad guys and then loose interest when they like me. My sex life is terrible. I don t feel sexually attracted to anyone and feel like I only do it for the purpose of the guy and for his benefit (this could be because every time I ve done it it s sucked) is there something wrong with me? I ve never actually had a serious relationship and I m not like this intentionally I genuinely feel lonely and miserable. I m also quite insecure. Am i just being shallow? Or have I not met the right guy?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Maybe it's because you haven't met the right guy that you can connect with and have great chemistry with. Maybe try to change your outlook alittle bir. Because if you feel lonely and miserable it's not going to boost you up or your self esteem. Try to be more happy and confident. Do fun things for yourself and make yourself happy first.

  • "My sex life is terrible. I don t feel sexually attracted to anyone and feel like I only do it for the purpose of the guy and for his benefit"

    Here is the issue. You do it for others without any decent start of things. You just do because it is supposed to without bonding before.

    Your issue seems that somewhere along the way you failed to learn how to properly connect and bond and now it backfires and you realise that all this superficial stuff isn't satisfying anymore.


What Girls Said 1

  • Different people grow at different rates. It happens to a lot of people, so you're not the only one.
    Your feelings -or lack of- are pretty normal at your age.
    You're still emotionally unstable, but that doesn't mean you will always be like that. You will eventually grow emotionally and become more stable.