How should I confront her about it?

So me and this girl have been dating for about a month now but the other day I asked her to hangout she said she couldn't till later because she was with her friend [her friend was a girl] then I find out yesterday night that she was with this other kid Vinnie meanwhile I asked her to hangout do you think I should ask her why she was with him? Not going to lie it pissed me off when I found out this because me and Vinnie just met two days ago after this happened he said her friend was there but I still didn't understand why I wasn't invited when I'm her boyfriend and Vinnie is her ex so how should I talk to her about it?


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  • Do it in a clever way, like bring him up, ask her if she's talking to him or ask about the friend she was with say how'd it go? And if she lies, leave her ass man.

  • Depends on her personality and how much she likes u?


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  • What do you think, its obvious mate, better confront her and ask explanation for it probably would lie you in the eyes or get mad. Best approach ask Vinnie. Once me and a friend of mine had to deal with a girl who was trying to date both of us in short, she got what she deserved.

    • Hey dude thanks for the reply but Vinnie is her ex and he's only been my friend for a few days now

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    • Yeah be calm about It. If this thing persist even after you talk, she is probably double dating. Even if you know Vinnie for a short time if he is a straight up men, he will listen to you. If not he is even low then the trash, and probably going to meet the same fate in time. Now for the women here I ain't against you girls but I detest cheating and lying. That is low verry low.

    • Thank for your help dude