Dating My Ex Again?

I've just recently started to date my ex again (we were only broken up for a month and kept in contact everyday since) we've been going on dates once a week and its been great, just like how we used to be. But whenever we text during the week one day its non stop and he's telling me he misses me then the next I don't even get a text back. he's really into me when we're together though so its a little confusing. Does he still genuinely like me? I don't think he would keep taking me out and never let me pay if he doesn't like me but then why is he so hot and cold through messaging? Am i over thinking this?


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  • He likes you, I had such behavior myself once


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe because he probably feels like he's showing that he likes you more than you, so he keeps it lo ke that. You have to text him too to reassure you like him.

    • That's the thing though, he knows exactly how I feel. I tell him all the time