How should I take this?

I have known this guy for about a year now, and in that year he has been there and done more for me more than anyone I know. He always helps me, listens to whatever my problems are, helps advise me, talks me through guy problems (he is straight haha). I started ignoring him a little because my life got chaotic, I told him why, because he was confused. Talked about how I got kicked out of my own home, and my dad and yada yada.

He offered me a place in his home, told me I was the sweetest and kindest and funniest person he met, said he was always there for me, and that he cared about me. Told me I'm an amazing person, and basically offered to do anything to help me. Does he like me, or is he just being there for me, or both? I'm just in awe a guy cares that much.


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  • it's difficult to tell. i'm somewhat like him. if i would be in his position i would care about you. you are a really really good or best friend and i only want the best for you. and i would like you a little bit more, but are absolutely happy with the way you are in my life, so i'm not pushing my luck and try more.


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  • LOVE YOURSELF. Don't date this man and get his feelings going if you can't value yourself enough to realize you are a beautiful wondering woman who deserves nothing but the best-you will break that man and deepen your insecurities if you get into a relationship with the mindset you have. Plus ask
    Him how he feels he seems like he'll be so happy to tell you