Girls, Girl who I don't know keeps saying hi?

Me and some girl used to always share eye contact one the local transport on the way home from a busy city. On the odd days when it was packed we wouldn't look as much but. When I started breaking the habit and not catching the same transport she would sometimes look shocked to see me and just stare and rest her head on the Windows. Then I didn't catch it for weeks And I seen her and she kept a staring and then looking to the ground holding flowers to her chest and looking back at me. Then I sat opposite her another day what I found strange was I was looking around her direction but she would look at everyone around her but me? Ok so then I didn't see her for months as I was off word. Now she stares a lot nothing changed but she wil always walk passed metro get off the other side of the train as its closer to her car and say hi. She does it everytime she sees me which is nowhere near as much as she used to due to my work. But if I look up at her when she passes she goes a little red and says hi and smiles as well it's all skittle strange as before when she seen me for like 7 months she didn't say a word but after those months she now says hi all the time. I would prefer a girls opinion on this as they might know what's going on here


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  • I think you should leave her alone. It's weird at this point

    • I see what you mean. I don't think it's weird im just confused on how a girl can go from being shy to saying hi. Tbf I probably did lead her on abit as I know how to seduce with the eyes but like I said I never made moves because I had a girlfriend. But since not seeing her she now says hi all the time ( in a forced kind of way and blushes )