Calling ettiuette when dating?

I have to admit I'm one of hose people who avoid calling because I used to be a commitment phobe.

I now met someone I really like to build a connection with, been dating for 3 months and neither of us are dating others. So I'm open to calling. He sent me a text so I called back. No answer as I know he is busy.

Should I wait for his call? Or just reply his text and casually mention I rang to say hi or something along the line?


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  • Reply to his text is ok.

    • should I mention i called?

    • Anyway I text him to let him know why I called. Carry on the convo and asked him to call back

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  • Congrats to the 'Been dating for 3 months,' it Appears here, dear, that you Both are Going and Flowing with Something Special that you have Started and that things are Heating up Nicely in Now... The Text and Talk department.
    Allow him Now, to Reply back to you. You have Stated 'I know he is busy,' so 'Knowing this, give him a Chance to Find you with, Either a Way of Communicating in a Press of a Bubbly Button on his own End.
    Even if it is just to Reply in a Text, he would have still Gotten in Touch with you and that you Know... That he is Not putting you on a Back Burner, that you Light his Fire.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks, I replied his text after the call. I hope that's ok... anyway I won't do anymore contact now.. as I've said everything that has to be said.

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    • ")) xxoo

    • Thank you for the Like and the Vote of Confidence here, dear, and hoping all is Fine like Wine. xx

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