I'm 19 and Indian.. never been kissed and been in a relationship for or 2 months.. Should I start dating if I don't want to have sex?

And by not wanting to having sex mean not in further than kissing.( please answer my question considering my nationality too)


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  • In your culture, are arranged marriages a custom? Do people get married without having gone through a courtship? I ask because I assume that marriage is something that you want at some time in your future. Please tell me if I am wrong.

    You can date without having sex. If the possibility of having sex scares you so much that you would consider not dating, perhaps there is a deeper issue that you need to address. If sex scares you now, it will be equally scary when you get married, right? What do you do then? It would be unfair to get married and then tell your husband that yoiu don't want to have sex with him.

    • Yeah because I'm in this country i do have deeper issues.. And i hv plenty of reasons to be scared of sex.. Since i was a kid i was told never to talk to guys ( although I secretly do it) . I have been told i have to marry a guy who my parents will choose ( i have no intention of doing that) and most of all most guys don't accept non virgin girls.. I'll be labelled a slut

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    • It sounds like you will have a fear about sex even if/when you get married and it is okay to engage in intercourse. What will you do then?

    • I don't think I'll always have this fear.. If i could do it once then my fear would go away but it seems I can't bring myself to do it the first time


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  • Why does being Indian matter here?

    Do you live in India or another country? You didn't really make that clear.

    • I live in India and it matters cux dating and relationships are kinda different in this country compared to others

  • You can do what you want, but most guys at this age do look for sexual pleasure. Try the church, just don't go in looking for a husband

    • Not looking for a husband just a boyfriend.. I just wanna know whether he will be happy without having sex or not

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    • Interesting I'm only asking cause I want to know how women act in India prior to marriage. My mum has been trying to set me up for a while now lol, I told her I'm gonna turn Muslim and have 10wifes 😂

    • Shit😂 so u belong to indian origin.. Mostly women sneak around and date like i do.. But mostly they are virgins.. So if u want a virgin wife Indian girls are the best choice.

  • Are you saving yourself for marriage?

    • Nope not really
      But i have too many reasons to be scared

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