Lol I just thought about something, instead of talking to a female then asking for they number, Maybe us guys should just give them our number, why?

Mainly to avoid playing games in the beginning,... if were already interested in a female, give them our number, if they have the slightest interest, they'll hit you up,. if not move on to the next one and do the same thing,.. i feel this probably will stop having our time wasted, vs asking for the girls number, sometimes they give it to you out of pity, dont wanna hurt feelings or whatever.. then you hit them up, no responses, or 1 word responses,... you wasted your time, she wasn't really interested... guys, thats why i say just give them your number and move on to the next, if their interested, they'll hit you up,... what y'all think?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Yeah it's a good thought.

    This way, you've made to first move to show signs of interest in her, but then the " ball is in her court", as though to speak. So it's then up to her to show an interest in you by intitiating contact. Seems fair to me. The both of you are making the effort , rather than just one person. 😌

  • I agree %100


What Guys Said 1

  • I think that many women don't want to make the first phone call. Some women have their ego stroked by being chased, at least initially, and I never let that idea bother me. Dating is a numbers game. You try enough times and you succeed at least a few times.