Is it time to move on to something new?

So I have been talking to this guy for a year with breaks in between where we have completely stopped talking ( the break was about 4 months so technically we have been talking for 6 months) recently we started talking again however he stopped talking to me again I dunno is it time for me to move in. Do you think he is just keeping me as the side and waiting until something better comes along? I have had many discussions about this with him but he always tells me the same thing that he is sorry and that he really likes me.


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  • I think you should move on.


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  • yup, it's time to move in.

    • Yea I realized if I'm asking this question it's time

    • im saying show up more, have more presence in his life.

    • I actually have he is the one that disappears on me

  • Talking?

    • Yea like we have went on dates but our relationship consists of mainly talking since he lives 3 hours away.

    • Six months for talking. He sounds like a real Romeo if he can keep you on the hook with just words. If you feel like a side project, be honest and let him know. If he still tries to maintain this relationship of words, I'd say move on. Your time is more precious than that.

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