What do you want from a man or expect from him?

Each girl has her own expectation let's hear what you want and need and expect big words expect from a man

  • To be himself comfort love and to be what he promised
    25% (1)33% (1)29% (2)Vote
  • To be my bitch this one's a joke dudes don't get defensive
    75% (3)0% (0)43% (3)Vote
  • To sweep me off my feet and surprise me in a goodd way
    0% (0)33% (1)14% (1)Vote
  • To love provide protect and make me feel like secured
    0% (0)34% (1)14% (1)Vote
  • To stay the man that he is and improve
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  • Everything but B

    • Looking at the pill results lol why do you think they want pussy men that can't protect them? If he's a bitch boy he won't be able to protect a woman becsuse hespecially weak and a bitch boy

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