He didn't keep his promise... should I confront him?

We've been dating for 3 months, his birthday is coming up very soon. Instead of replying to his text I called him to acknowledge his birthday and I would like to do something with him depending on what he already has planned on his birthday.

He didn't answer so I text him to let him know why I called and told him to call me to discuss more.

He text the next day to apologize and explained why couldn't he call last night and said he will call me later in the afternoon. I replied to acknowledge his text.

He didn't call like he said he would... so I sent him a text at night to ask if he is ok and I've been worrying about him.

it's the first time he broke his promise... I dunno what to do...


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  • Isn't this obvious that he is trying to avoid spending his birthday with you? He probably already have a plan to go to strip club with his homeboys. Or a fuck fest planned ahead. He doesn't want you around to stop him from having fun

    • You are really blunt.. but I'm afraid you are right :(

    • I can see other women are saying he is a good men blah blah blah, just wait and see you WON'T be invited to his birthday. He might fit you in on Sunday afternoon when he is done partying on Friday and Saturday. or even a weekday catch up.

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  • Perhaps Something came up that detained him and he will Be in touch... As soon a she can.
    If you Both have 'Been dating for 3 months' and Hopefully still Counting, I am 'Counting' on him to do the Right thing. He sounds like an Honest Guy who always does Try but maybe his Timing with Texting is not on the Spot and this is something you may have to get used to.
    Being with you for awhile now, he also may Think that you are very understanding when Something is up or Creeps up. As long as he Replies and doesn't Put you on a Back Burner with No Reply, he is still a Good Guy... Until you Would See Something that's Not Hot with your Johnny Jackpot.
    Give him a Chance to get back to you. I do see somehow Now a Pattern starting of "Promises" of the Time but Instead of Getting your Hopes up, he Should maybe Say "In the Neighborhood of this time" with Something else like this is better, I think.. And yes, this can be brought up on your Next date.
    Good luck. xx

    • *No, he is Not avoiding the Birthday deal... he May though have some plans that cannot be helped and it is hard to Explain them right now.. somehow I feel he will "Fit" you both in, you have been dating for 3 long months and he has YET to Falter or Not Fulfill you. xxoo

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    • Keep the date and at least have a small talk.. You Both deserve it. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, hun. xxoo


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  • He probably planned his birthday before you started dating and it's obviously something you won't approve of. He should have told you he made plans with his friends cause face it, you have only been dating 3 months and he's been friends with his buddies for longer. He doesn't know how to handle this situation properly.

    • I asked 3 weeks ago he said he haven't thought about it yet. I didn't let him know I want to celebrate with him at that time.

  • What did he promise


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  • Don't take it too much to heart. It's just a phone call, if he doesn't call you at all in the next few days, then I would be a little annoyed. Nobody is that busy that they can't call you for a few minutes.

    • Yea I even text him at night to let him know I'm worrying about him becuase he didn't call like he siad he would... I'm not blaming.. I'm just letting him know I take his word seriously that's why Im worrying.

      I'm trying not to take it to heart.. but if he can't keep small actions like this how can I trust him on anything big? like he said he is not dating anyone else then he actually could be?

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    • Yea he is just very busy and stress. he stress so much that even when he sleeps he twitch a lot :( I just have to accept that he is busy and be extra patient with him

    • Yeah just take things slow and see where it goes I guess

  • Did he just promise he will answer his phone? You never really said what he promised, but perhaps he's going through a rough time and isn't really sure what to do at the moment.

    • He promised he would call in late afternoon but he didn't. So I text him at night to let him know I'm worried. He replied to apologize and let me know he forgot he invited his parents over. When they called him after he finished work he was freaking out and buying food to cook.

      He apologized about making me worry and he used my pet name. When he text me his parents were still around he said he will call when they are gone or next morning. Will see if he calls in the morninf

  • He is playing you, if there was true feelings. he would have called or texted as you did...
    Girl this relationship with this guy is going nowhere (sorry to say)
    If he really did love you, he would acknowledge you wishing him happy birthday... girl move on and tell yourself someone better will come along... Good luck girlie :)

    • it;s not his birthday yet.. I do feel like this is not going anywhere.. as I know he is stress and probably have to relocate...

  • Mm was it a promise? All i saw was you saying " he will call me later in the afternoon."

    • so it;s ok to say I will call you later in the afternoon and not call?

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    • Just wait for his response

    • I'm sure he will have some good excuse.. like the text he sent me during the day..

  • I understand it but he's probably just busy - it's his birthday after all! He's probably with family. Relax and let him know that your up for celebrating catch up or something :)

    • it's not his birthday yet, it's coming in a few days. I already let him know that is what I intent to do. The issue is him not doing what he said he will do...