Please give me advice on this situation with a girl?

So I've been talking to this girl online for months now everyday back and forth. She is always quick to reply and ask questions etc. Then all of a sudden she stops :/ Like she now takes ages to reply and ignores my message because you can see she is online and posting things but ignores me. Anyway that was a week or so ago then all of a sudden she re appears, likes a lot of my pics etc etc, replies to my messages with long long texts and asks loads of questions etc etc. I have asked her out before now and she's actually said yes but before this, she wants to meet with her friends because she doesn't know me, she said a few weeks back that she's planning to go out and I can come. It's never happend. Then out of the blue she tells me she
s going in a date with another guy, but she's not keen on him and I think this is why she stop talking for a while, but now she's none stop again. I'm carrying on talking to her but I don't know why really.
She says she enjoys talking and we get on great but always seems reluctant to actually go out when I ask her yet, she's said yes to this other guy, but she's actually met him before. I don't know what I should do?


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  • She is not interested in you.


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  • You lost me at "talking to this girl online". You need to be more assertive sir... not complacent