I haven't told him?

I've been dating this amazing guy that I've known since I was 15(28 now) We've recently reconnected after a few years of not seeing each other (friends only, but talked every year or so) and have been together for about 3 wonderful weeks. He's met my family, I've met his and were having a weekend away this coming weekend. The thigh is I have a secret. I got a DWI a while before we reconnected and I haven't told him. We have gotten so close and I need to tell him before it goes to deep. I feel like I should've have already told him but I was uncomfortable discussing it and super embarrassed. Question is would you break up with a girl for making such an irresponsible decision in her past, is the secret a dealbreaker? Please help.


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  • That wouldn't matter to me at all


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  • I wouldn't break up, but that's just me.
    Anyway, you should tell him.