Does she like me or just being polite/nice?

There is this girl in one of my classes, that i have a crush on and like quite a bit, but I am not sure if she actually likes me back. She smiles when we talk, and she is quite friendly. She even hugged me once, when she saw me. She always is very kind to me, and she always go an extra mile to help others, and has helped me several times in school work. When I asked her if she needed help in another subject she struggled with ( I also wanted to spend time with her), she said no thank you, I will figure it out by myself. I am not sure if she likes me, or she is being friendly.. I also invited her to eat lunch with me, and she agreed to it. I am confused is she just friendly? or does shee like me?


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  • She might like you. Stop being afraid, she's just human, she won't bite you if she finds out you like her. You should tell her.

  • Possibly. Just ask her out. And good luck.


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