Is he Interested as a friend or more and what to do?

been freinds w/guy I've 4 years. We reconnected recently. When first met, could tell he liked me (just could tell) i had a crush too. We talk a lot when 2gether. hung out in grps. i moved away, we kept in contact & he wanted to hang out but we didn't. lost touch. got back n touch. had deep convos. this year i invited him to my bday dinner. He said he definitely would come & be good to see me. he sat next to me & he was flirty. When saying bye he hugged me long and close & whispered in my ear we need to hit each other up more & hang out. I agreed. Next day he texted and talked about plans we could do. 2 weeks later he came over to teach me & roomies to make spring rolls and do karaoke &stayed late. He left his machine bc he knew hed be back. that night he made a lot of future plans for us, but all group stuff. We talk a lot in between seeing each other and he initiates a lot. the next week, went to a fair with him, his son, & his friend. (roomies couldnt come) he made a comment about a girl checking him out but he didn't talk to her. The next week was a pool party. His car battery died. he didn't make it. he came over way later 4 karaoke & stayed late. He checked his dating app messages in front of me. he kept talking about more plans and going to get food the next week (rommies 2) he made comment wants to be single. (next day put a post on FB coworkers say he needs a girlfriend, so maybe he should answer messages on dating app) i told him roomies couldnt come for food, so he said hed confirm that no plans with his fam and let me know. Well he just told me have to postpone till next week and there is someone has to meet there as well. No reason given why canceling. but it was going to me and him only & he canceled. he talks to me a lot, makes future plans, flirts, but plans always with group (always brings his guy friend) & now canceled plans (roomies couldnt come) makes comments about other girls 2 me out of blue. Is he interested and sacred or what?

Some new info-every time I see this guy lately he says something about other girls he's talking to or whatever may be. Our most recent time together he talked a lot about other girls and mentioning qualities he has. The time before this when I saw him my friend told him how all these guys are so into me but I'm not into them. She said he looked legit upset when she said all these guys are into me. So what is with his new way of acting? he jealous, is he interested and nervous? Do I say Something


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  • He wants more. Sexually more with sex.

    • What makes you say only sexually? Even being interested in some fashion, why not say anything?

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  • That's really hard to read but based on what you said, he doesn't have feeligns for you. You're just a friend.

    • Yah it's hard to relay the whole thing with limited word space. I've known this guy for 4 years and always put off an interested vibe. He imitates a lot of the contact. Plans future get togethers (don't want to say dates), staked out time a week in advance to see me and this will be 4th week in a row he wants to see me. We always gravitate to each other when together.

  • His behaviour seems friendly.