Is she to young for me?

So to start off I am 18 years old, and about to go off to college 2 hours away from home in 2 months. I got a new summer job and I met some new people who are my coworkers. One them, a very beautiful, kind, and funny girl, I think is interested in me as she always jokes around with me a little different than the others at work. She asks me to do small favors for her too and me being the gentleman type does them for her. I like her and I think she likes me. The only two problems are that: A. I am 18, she is 16 & B. I will be leaving mostly everyone I know, including her, to go to college 2 hours away. Do you think that I should ask her out, or try to tough it out for the rest of the summer? Thank you for any help, I am so torn.


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  • Not really... But I'm guessing since you're going off to college, it probably wouldn't last after the summer ends. Try to get to know each other as friends for a while first. See if you keep in touch when you go away to school.


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  • What's the age of consent in your state? Most are 16 if I recall. Your only 2 years difference, so her parents may/may not take notice. I'd wait until she had a driver's licence or some sufficient means of proof if I were you or hold off on sex.

    • For North Carolina I'm pretty sure it's 16, I was asking in terms of if it would be deemed okay in society.

    • Two years difference? That's fine.


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  • Nah I don't think it's worth it.

  • be careful bro, women , they'll break your heart be cautious falling for her

    • I kinda already stopped caring about the last girl I had a crush on for 5 years now for this new one, so I may be in trouble.

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    • She doesn't seem like the type. She doesn't use social media (I cannot find her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) and she really doesn't seem to be the outgoing when it comes to people in school.

    • She could be decent but with girls these days just be on your guard a bit and don't get to invested because you never know , girls these days always full of surprises unfortunately :(