Why does my boyfriend keep saying I'd be fine without him?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months. Things have been going pretty well, but I've noticed he often will make joking comments about dying from a wreck or from boredom at work or whatever- and I will always say "you better not" or you need to drive safe etc etc. without fail he always replies with something along the lines of "you'd be fine" or "you'd move on"- like it would be no big deal if something happened to him. I imagine he would say the same thing if we were to break up- which he has also started making comments about, like if this or that happens I'm breaking up with you type stuff. Anyways, I used to disagree with him but we was so adamant about it now I just agree. My question is, does he really think I wouldn't care, or is he the one that doesn't care? And why suddenly make all these "joking" break up threats?

He is 24. I haven't really noticed any other signs of depression but it wouldn't hurt to ask him. I already have high anxiety when it comes to relationships so these types of comments make me really uncomfortable.


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  • For sure he is unhappy with his life. It may have totally nothing to do with you. From your age range, I assume he is about the same age? He is probably starting to see he is not where he planned he would be in life and is getting bummed out. It may be just a phase, or something you should talk to a professional about.


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  • I think he might be going through some depression. He may need to seek therapy.