Girls, What would make a girl/woman do these things?

Ok so I'm a little confused. This is quite long but to gain a full perspective it's worth me putting it all. So on my way home from work a while back I noticed this really good looking girl and I noticed that she would just stare at me right back which was quite impressive as most girls are shy or quite nervous. Ok so it kind of scared me abit. So I noticed everytime I would walk to the stop she would stare at me walking closer. And if I was stood next to her waiting she would sigh. If you know what that means. So then I stopped catching it everyday and then she would look shocked to see me like her eyes would light up. And once she kept looking at me and staring to the ground like over and over again holding these flowers to her chest. When I sat opposite her it kind of confused me as I was looking at her every now and then but she would look at everyone else but me. So then I had an accident and didn't go to work for 4 months. This is were it kind of confuses me. As when I started work again and saw her e wetting she sees me she still stares. But she will adjust her hair make up and walk past me and say hi everytime and go really red in the face? So how can she go from being really shy to saying hi is there some kind of crush going on here as it seems like she's purposely walking past to say hi. Anyway I'm not thinking to deeply it's just something I've come to notice and would like to know what making her do this lol I think if I get a females perspective I will gain a better understanding. also I know some girls are nice BUT they normally say hi to start off with not after not seeing you around for 5 months


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  • Sounds to me like she's interested in you. If you feel the same you should try saying hi back and start a conversation. If she's receptive then you know for sure.

    • I do say hi back but she always says hi when it's our last stop lol