How do you ask a guy to be your boyfriend?

I feel like i shouldn't just say... "hey, you wanna be my boyfriend?" Any advice or tips?


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  • Yes, just go out to dinner or some date shit, and near the end say "I really like you ______. Would you wanna be my boyfriend?"

    Seriously, what is wrong with that? If that is wrong, I'll kill myself.

  • You don;t need to ask a guy to be your boyfriend. You ask him if he's willing to commit to dating just you and no one else. If he says yes, then he is your boyfriend.

    • How do i ask without being awkward?

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    • neither of us are that type

    • Okay. You pick an "anniversary" date, like 2 months since your first date, 3 months since your first date. You celebrate by going out to dinner. At dinner, you let him know that tis is the longest that you have ever dated anyone (I assume that is true) and you say, "I hope that you are as happy as I am with us being together." He will say that he is happy, and then you ask, "Does that mean that you don't want to date anyone else now? I'm ready to commit to being exclusive if you're ready for that." If he says he is ready for that, you lean over and kiss him on the cheek (because you're in a restaurant) and you say, "You're the best boyfriend ever!"

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd rather someone be clear and ask about either "commitment" with that word, or "relationship" with that word, or say "girlfriend" to me (boyfriend in your case).

    I don't like the confusion over someone "asking you out" but oh I wasn't officially asking you out, I didn't say the word "girlfriend" so obviously it's not real blah blah. Like that's immature. If you're ready for a relationship, I feel you can either say something like "I'd like to be exclusive" "I'd like you to be my boyfriend" or something. Like seriously, what is wrong with just saying that? Nothing.