How do you tell a guy that you like him?

I've been sleeping with a guy and we've been on one date. It's been two months. We have a lot to talk about, we get along well, he's a really nice guy, super affectionate, opens up and I've met his friends a couple of times. I definitely get the feeling that he likes me when I am with him. I take some time to open up. I'm very private so based on my actions, if I were him I'd think I wasn't that into him and may just be looking for casual sex.. But I always text first at this point. Since he always reply right away and is happy to meet up I've continued. Last time I met him I kind of messed up a bit, I showed up really drunk and was a little rude, I said some things that made him he snap at me and withdrew. I haven't talked to him since and he's a bit distant. I think I manage to push him away. You know I have no idea what to do? I'm kind of in this place where I don't want to walk away because I really like him at the same time I don't know what to do about it. Should I just tell him that I like him? How do I do that? I look at this situation and have no clue what is going on right now other than the fact that I like him. It's so easy to let it slide but I'm gonna regret doing it and think what if. I'm not sure if he's not into casual sex, if he's not interested, if he's mad at me or what else.


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  • I actually don't recommend telling him you like him at this kind of lower point. It often backfires. Make him like you. Be easy-going and invite him to see him again, perhaps.

    Try to spend more time and save those kinds of confessions for when you two are really intimate and bonding so that you have a better chance that the feelings are reciprocated. When one person tells another that he/she likes him/her, often the response is good only if the other feels the same way.

    • That makes sense. I don't know where to invite him though. Last time I wanted to have casual sex he couldn't make it and he's been distant, I was thinking about like casually asking him what's going on. We've been doing it for a while now while bonding. Not sure if he's not into it anymore like what if he has feelings? Or what if he's not interested? How am I suppose to know. I really like him and I want to know.

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    • Thank you so much for your helpful advice! I needed it.
      I'm not planning on making a big confession. I haven't contacted him yet because I'm too scared, I was thinking about just asking if he wants to see me and then talk. I feel sort of stuck at trying to understand why he's been distant since this drunk incident.. I kind of feel like I should leave him alone but that means we're most likely gonna go separate ways and I don't want that, at least not without trying to clear things up so I can be a happy that I did what I could. Honestly, what would you do?

    • I think it's worth contacting him but try to keep it pleasant and friendly with the ultimate goal to meet up in person, maybe starting with a brief apology but quickly trying to move towards pleasantries.

      It's generally good not to dwell on apologies since that tends to remind the person of the thing about you that upset them, as well as kind of creating an unpleasant kind of drama. So try to keep it pleasant and try not to drive yourself crazy rewinding back and theorizing endlessly about how he might feel.

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  • I actually don't.
    Try showing it to him.
    Compliment him, touch him, tease him a lot, give him attention etc.


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  • Just say it

  • Your only 2 options are
    Apologize and then tell him how you feel
    Or go your separate ways

  • just tell him u lyk him


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