What should I make of this situation?

After a really great first date I went on a second one with this guy. On Date #2 we discovered we both really like talking about politics. At this point he said "I think I love you". His tone sounded humourous but as you can imagine hearing that on date #2 sounds pretty weird. nothing else he did that night (or on the first date) would be labelled as desperate, creepy or coming on too strong which is why I am very confused. What do you think? He was jokingly saying it or should I let him down?


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  • I think he was joking lol. How did the situation play out?

    • well after that we carried on with the conversation and it wasn't anything too out of the ordinary for a second date. A little later on in the night we got into a discussion about politics and he said it again but it played out like it did before. It was the only thing he said out of the ordinary and it didn't feel like he really was proclaiming love or anything.

    • So yeah... I think he was just using in the contex

  • Sounds like a confession of attraction-not obsessive long term, down on one knee kinda love.

    In English we really have a limited vocabulary where the one word 'love' is used to describe many different states, degrees and types of affection.

    I love my pet, my brother, mother, daughter, magazine, a sunrise and gum. None of them I 'love' in the same way, or to the same degree.
    I fell in love with a gal last night. But the kind of love where you find someone similar who is intresting, attractive and easy to talk to. I feel strongly attracted to her but not in a super deep way- not the kind of love where you cannot be without that person. Just a wow she's amazing.
    She unfortunately put up an emotional wall because 'all guys are players' 😒and I suspect I will have to do many hurdle jumps to put her at ease and show her I want a companion, not just sex and run. But I digress.


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  • Omg. He was joking. I say that a lot when a person and I really connect on a subject and I always mean it in a joking way...