How to tell my boyfriend he should appreciate me more?

We've been dating for 9 months, he really is a great person and he said he is serious about me. We've always been pretty relaxed with each other, always bullying each other and making jokes and we were never a very cheesy couple. He does a lot of small things that show he cares but he can also come across as non caring sometimes. Like he'd always jokingly complain how he doesn't get to do things because I'm so demanding (which is not true i give him tons of freedom), he will always just keep on making jokes about me or in general like I don't know how to explain, but at some point I would just like to hear something nice? It's like he never really puts in a lot of effort to do something cute/fun together which is ok most of the time, but lately I'm getting bored with the the whole thing.. At the end of the day I want to hear nice words and compliments from him once in a while or for him to do things to make me feel special and just usual cute relationship stuff... I really love him so I don't even want to think about ending it, but as I said I'm also bored and in need of something... more. How do I tell him how I feel without seeming like I don't appreciate him or without hurting his feelings/making him angry? I just really need him to step up his game a little bit or I don't know where this is leading.


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  • ok well with you using stuff like "i give him tons of freedom" you seem a little controlling but thats not why we are here... ok the problem is your entire relationship is built on you two making fun of each other right? Well its no easy task to switch it to something more romantic. I would suggest talking to him to and maybe suggest something without openly saying it.. After you do this YOU need to lead by example and do something like make him cookies or some shit.. this will start to change the pace of your relationship and should get you to a happier place after a few months of such actions.

    • i do cute stuff for him a lot and compliment him and stuff like that so i am trying.. the whole freedom thing yeah i can see how that came across but really comparing myself to relationships of my friends i am really chill with my boyfriend and most of the time he does whatever he wants but you know at some point i'll want some of his time for myself

    • i understand.. if your alrdy doing toe cheesy shit and he's not understanding.. maybe just be blunt with him and if he's not willing to step up then you go with your plan and step off

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  • There is no way to tell someone to appreciate you more, people who care about one another do not take each other for granted. I would def be wary that he has lost interest in you or he is just the type of person who takes others for granted.


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  • "boyfriend appreciate me more or I'm leaving, no more pussy for you." thatll change him

    • yeah i feel like that wouldn't really provoke a positive reaction but i wish i had the confidence to say it

    • you dont realize the power you hold under your skirt

  • Talk to him. tell him to appreciate you more


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