Would she do this if she wasn't interested?

The other day this girl that has been liking all most all of my pics messaged me on Facebook. I did have thoughts about messaging her like the week before. We started to talk, I got her number and I asked her to grab drinks the other day. We did meet up and have a beer, as we left we hugged and she asked me to text her when I got home. She got lost getting to the bar and she called and asked if I just wanted to meet her at her house for a drink. We I decide to stay at the bar. She is hot and cold when it comes to texting, Im away this week and will be back. I was thinking of asking her if she wanted to go to the zoo the week when I'm back. Just seems strange to me that she is hot and cold when we text. Thoughts?


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  • She is probably unsure of her feelings but you should definetly ask her out again! Try just starting out by texting her about her day, and then slowly merge into the fact you wanna go on another date with her. Good luck !


What Guys Said 1

  • Some girls hate texting. But I bet you she Diddnt get lost, she just wanted you to come to hers, there's all the signs there that she's interested, messaging you first, liking photos, inviting you to hers. What you waiting for?