Is he into it or not?

Alright making it short: Met a guy at a club , we danced and then went out and hung out till the morning. We talked much , he told me pretty private stuff too , he kissed me three times and invited to his place where we just kept talking. Left to go home in the morning , he asked for my number and fb id. ...
Well didn't hear from him for a week :( So decided to text him and so we still do. Yet it seems like he isn't really into it I don't know. He texts me back after few minutes always but doesn't ask me much. It's been two weeks now... Also he is texting very nicely but somewhat reserved and I don't know but I just get the feeling that he texts me back cause he doesn't wanna hurt my feelings. How can I find out if this gonna go anywhere?


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  • Into you


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  • Try to meet him again instead of dealing with everything through text messages! Sometimes people aren't very good expressing themselves through texts.. 😊