What should I do?

So I have been talking to this guy for about 2 months. He's said plenty of times that he likes me and wanted to see me and hang out. So we finally did. It was actually really fun and I don't know but I kinda felt like there was a connection. I felt the "butterflies" in my stomach and the mysterious tingles and spark when he held my hand, hugged, and kissed me. He text me after we hung out and said how much he had fun, liked me, and wanted to do it again. The next day we were texting and he asked what I would be doing later. I replied "Um I'm not really sure. I might be doing something but maybe not." And he never replied. Then I wait for like 2 more days and he still hasn't replied. So we're now coming up on day 4 and still nothing. I'm kinda feeling like he may be trying to get over me too. There was one night before we met that he told me he didn't think I was into him. I told him I was and I did want to meet. But I don't think he believed me. And when we met I think he was surprised. But I don't know if I should text him again or just wait. Is he over me or really busy? Am I over-reacting? What should I do?


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  • If you were interested in him, you would have cleared your schedule unless you had something pre-planned. If you had something preplanned, you would have known. Hence, your message was that you might have had an ok time, but not a great time, on your date.


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  • I wouldn't text again. I would wait a few more days and then just stop caring