Weird That I've Never Dated?

So I'm not planning on dating for awhile, and I'm not really even interested, but I was just curious. Is it considered weird that I'm a teen and never been on a date?


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  • No it isn't weird I didn't have interest to date until I turned 22. It just never seemed like something that would interest me but now that I feel ready and started dating it is great. I feel like when you are ready to start to date you will.


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  • No it is okay. There are plenty of teens who have not been on a date by your age. Just do it when you are ready


What Girls Said 2

  • it depends
    are you really 15?
    do you really don't want to date or you're just insecure?
    do you have a social life?
    have real life friends, go to parties?
    what do you hear people say about you?

    • not judging at all, I have dated but never had a relationship bc I'm afraid of commitment lol

  • Nope, not weird. Meeting new people and dating is way easier in college.


What Guys Said 1

  • Not really. Those people who "date" at your age mostly just frikin hold each others hands and consider it dating and even love.

    The only thing I would be concerned about is you saying you don't really have any interest. Interest in what? Dating or girls in general?

    • Just dating, really.

    • Then you just find brotha! One day (probably sooner than you think) you'll find a girl you like and you'll have your first date. Don't care about how other people think about you cause they shouldn't control you. You control yourself and decide what to do in your life based off of what YOU want to do.
      Best of luck 😎