Should I add him or would that be too creepy?

Ok guys so I'm not sure if I should make this move or not. Last night me and my girl went out to a rave and what not. Anyways about an hour in this really cute guy started dancing with me and he was a good dancer too. He pulled me closer, twirled me around. We asked eachother for our names. Anyways we danced for about 10-15 minutes and then my friend (who was also dancing with a guy) asked if I wanted to go grab a drink and that she would get me one. Anyways I told the guy in his ear I'm gonna go to the bar and he like was okay. Me and her just went. So we had a drink, went to the washroom and well.. I never saw him again for the rest of the night. He was tall and gorgeous. All day I've been thinking about why I never stayed around longer or got his number! I feel like such an idiot and it's not easy for me to find someone cute, at least all the weirdos always come up to me. I found the public event page for the rave on FB, typed in his name and found him. But I don't know if I should add him it might be really creepy I've never done this before. Do you think he was into me or should I pass? Thanks!


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  • ya its creepy as fuck but if ur decent looking he won't fucking care how creepy lol

    • Urgh that's what I'm thinking.. but the longer I wait the weirder too. I think so! Well he came up to me

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    • Well he didn't accept :(

    • ah. well just keep your head up and moving forward and you will find your Mr Right..


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  • I think you should definitely add him! You would never know if you never put yourself out there! The worst that could happen is he denies your request! So go for it!

  • If he finds you attractive then he will not think it is creepy, and since he came up to you on the dance floor, I say add him.


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  • not creepy at all, add him now
    you were the one who left him on the first place, you better get him if he was that cute!
    besides when I say that to a guy it's because I'm probably not coming back hahah he may have thought so too..