I don't think he likes what a planned for his bday, should I be hurt?

So we've been dating for about a month, we become close pretty fast. The idea was pretty last minute because I wasn't sure if he would want to do anything since he's been really down about his mom being ill. I've never done anything for Simone's bday before and it's pretty nerve racking to be a plan maker. Anyways I knew he wanted to visit this museum fo a while, it's the sex museum lol and then he never tried a type of food so I was gonna take him to this really nice restaurant. I told him about it because he doesn't like surprises, he didn't seem so stoked about it. I bought him some gifts but I haven't told him about them yet. I feel a little sad, I'm not really a materialistic person. Honestly for me flowers and dinner would do it for me. I know he wanted a trip to LA, but neither of us have money saved for that. Do you think my idea was cheesy and terrible?


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  • As long as it seems like you tried hard thats all that will really matter. ITS the thought that counts when it comes to bdays. Any ways he will likely kiss you to make you quit blubbering/stuttering if you get nervous xD. As long as you make the point accross that you greatly appreciate the fact that he is with you. He shouldn't mind it, as really it can just show to him a small glimpse of the ideas that are in your mind.


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  • I am sure he appreciates your gift but he's probably feeling down due to the situation with his mother.