Is it ok to DM a girl I dont really know on twitter? I think she may like me?

There is this girl I follow on Twitter and my friends and I have a feeling that she might like me. I tweeted "waiting for when i can finally be with a nice girl, it will be worth the wait" and she liked the tweet. In the past she has also liked my tweets too. One of my friends know her and she said that the girl is very nice, funny, and friendly. We follow each other on instagram too. I was thinking about messaging her on twitter and getting to know her better and become friends and after that ask her out on a date or something? Is it ok to do that? Or is that weird to girls? I dont know what to do or what to say either? What to do lol, help is much appreciated


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  • How do you know her? Like do you live close?

    • yeah she is a family friend but I really dont know her that well and yeah she lives in the next town over.

    • yeah you could DM her , it would be much better if you could do it in person though. thanks for the mho :)

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  • First and foremost, try not to get you hopes up too much. From social media alone, you can hardly tell if someone likes you or not. A like or something like that can easily have been a thoughtless move on her part as opposed to a sign of attraction.

    With that out of the way, you should DM her for sure. There is no harm in it whatsoever. The thing is, since she does not know you in person, chances are she will be a bit defensive towards meeting you. Everyone is taught to be careful about meeting people from the internet and that goes doubly for women.

    Start by getting to know her over DM, as opposed to asking her out right of the bat. If she seems interested or generally likes to talk with you, ask her out then. That will make it a lot less sudden, and makes it easier for her to say "Sure why not!"

    Good luck!


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  • You can do it, but I don't think that liking a tweet is indicative of liking a person.

  • It's fine to do that. Nothing weird about it.


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