Can I get him interested in any way again?

Hello, so I started talking to a guy online somewhere. We talked a lot and we really liked each other. We also flirted and talked about EVERYTHING and we couldn't get bored of each other. Last week he 'dumped' me and his excuse was that I was 'too young' for him and that I will find someone else. When I was talking to him, he found an excuse to go. At this moment when we were talking he had a friend and they were talking a lot. So of course I thought it won't get 'serious' between them because he 'like' me a lot and she is just a friend. He talked so much about how he liked me and how obsessed he is. We flirted like the whole time and we got into each other a lot. But not this week when he came out of the blue telling me that I'm too young for him and that I will find someone else better in my country. So I was like "fine" but I really had a bad week and was crying. He was sad the first day and then the second day he started flirting with this girl whom was his friend. I was really sad so I started to talk to him again and tried to get him back but he really doesn't want me back, I mean he lie about going to sleep or busy, i could see he is online somewhere. To be honest and I don't want to sound like an idiot , but he isn't 'that' attractive but I'm still really attracted to him. He once told me that I'm too pretty for him. So is there anything to get him interested again? Distance and age is playing a big role in this but I don't really care. He liked me before so can he like me back again? Please serious answers!


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  • Forget about him. You can't force him.
    The fact that you are too young for him is a valid reason. It's not that he doesn't like you. Something woke him up to reality and he decided to keep his distance. Nothing you can do about it.


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  • Plenty of Other Fish in the Sea for Thee here, dear.
    Online, On ever knows behind the Computer Curtain how Anything or Anyone is going to Materialize, as you have found out at your Tender young age. He is on with 'His friend,' and Apparently she is the One who has Caught his eye and he is Making lame duck excuses about 'Distance and age,' letting you down easy Now Somehow.
    If he really Cared about you, No mountain would be too Much for him to Climb any Time, and he Would be at your beckon Call and All.
    Forget this dude, move on. If he has Dropped you like a hot potato, chances are he will do it Again or even to His... Friend.
    Good luck. xx


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  • in my honest opinion you need to just let it go. people can be fickle creatures and its not like your relationship could ever work anyway. i know it seems harsh right now but just learn the lesson and find a real person to love


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  • You can't make him change his mind. Also, I feel like he was using the age thing as an excuse. No man really cares if the girl is too young, as long as they look attractive enough for them.