Has my passion gone?

I have a nice boyfriend who is willing to give his time for me, wake up at 7am or back home at 12am just to accompany me to go to school or to work, since my family is strict that I am not allowed to have a boyfriend until I graduate from college, he wants to meet me as much as possible.
Up till now we have been together for nearly 5 months, but I feel that my passion is vanishing... I am not sure, I am not as active as before, I used to laugh and keep talking and talking with him, and I like to hug him tight, but in these few weeks, I don't talk much even when we are face-to-face, I seldom ask about his stuffs, and recently I am not replying at the first second, our conversation has become dull...

I don't know why I treat him in this way, but when he is not replying or replying with few words, I'll be a bit grumble or angry (I mean I would think "why aren't u replying? what are u doing? \^/) Also, actually in this recent month there was a boy who showed his interest on me, but I dont want my boyfriend upset so I didn't reply much to that boy. I mean I believe I am still attached to my boyfriend, however I am not sure...

So, I would like to ask, what caused me this change? honeymoon period passed or my feel towards him has gone?


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  • That's for you to decide as you are the one dating him and I don't manage your feelings. It all depends on whether or not you want to be with him anymore. Ask yourself "would I be devastated if jack (whatever your bf's name is) wasn't a part of my life anymore? Do I still have fun when hanging out with him? Is it time to just move on and find some else? Should I wait till after college like my parents want me to so I can have more serious relationships with less restrictions? all depends on how YOU truly feel deep down inside. I'd say leave this current guy if you find it hard to get excited when you are with him and don't really know what to talk about. Real couples should naturally just be able to connect in an instinct without much effort.

  • It may have faded so u need a spark again.

    • can u please give me some examples for how to relight our relationship?

    • Dis it used to be very intimate? If so then u need to plan time just the 2 of you and maybe a hotel for the night. Make it fun again and become closer.

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  • Honey-moon period is over for you.