Should I wait or?

So I know I'm probably overthinking this because I've been kind of moody lately for some reason. My boyfriend of 5 months just went on vacation this past week with his family and a friend to FL. Normally he initiated contact everyday, but we don't talk all day everyday (which is fine). However, during this trip he hasn't initiated contact once, but I did text him a couple days into his trip to ask how it was going, to which he said he was having a lot of fun. That was 5 days ago. He should be back at some point today if he isn't already. I was trying to give him space to enjoy his vacation and not come off as super needy (even though I am but I'm trying to control that with him) but it's really had for me to go this long without talking to him. He isn't much of a texter as it is but when he was here, he still made it a point to say something to me everyday. I wasn't expecting the same frequency while he was on vacation but I did expect more than nothing. Should I just text him and ask if he's back or wait a little longer for him to call/text me?


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  • just wait.. let him be in his vacay vacay


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  • I think you should wait a little longer.