I dont know how I feel with anyone anymore?

I have this girl, she's great, she's not 10/10 gorgeous but she's pretty close, she's got a good job, good life ahead of her, but I've been hurt so many times, i dont know how i feel about her. I forgot how to feel for someone it feels like. My ex, i was head over heels for her immediately.. But she cheated on me more than 10 times. But this girl, its totally different. Were not dating yet, but i feel like id be losing out on a good girl if i just throw her away. Should i see what happens? How long before i know i dont feel for her?


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  • I would say if you're interested then definitely see what happens however if you think you'd be wasting her time let her go. Usually couple of dates you know where you want to go withs someone.


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  • Only you would know that, depends how she is with you and if you can trust her