Is this how summer flings are?

To get things straight, i met up with guy only twice but those two times mainly involved hooking and intimate talk. I do think I am cool type of person to hang around with but he does constantly comment about my body (eg how small my boobs are) and tells me about how he wants to sleep with other girls in front of my face. Yet he totally respects me when I told him I can't do further more than hooking up although we nearly had sex and is willing to listen to my stuff too. He doing his internship and recently told me how he is upset that he couldnt sleep with the girl who used to be an ex abercrombie manager and is a bad girl type who is also an intern. He did mention he wants to do it with bad girls. Unfortunately, I am not. I am not sure how to react to this because i never had a crazy summer fling like this one. Should I just stop seeing him or just enjoy the fling (because i do enjoy the chemistry) and move on?


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  • Depends not always I hope you figure it out


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  • If you're starting to catch feelings for him, it will be best for you to stop seeing him.