Boyfriend ghosting on me?

We had an argument Sunday night and kinda left things on a bad note. We would talk about it the other day but he disappears without a word for hours, ranging from 3 hrs to 5. He said the app we talk over crashed but he was on Facebook a few times. I don't understand this... I got pretty short with him and so there's been no word today either.


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  • 1. If a guy takes a few hours to get his anger under control before he talks about a problem. . . that's a good thing. Trying to make him talk before he feels ready to talk is never productive.

    2. If he is lying about why he is not in contact with you, that is a very strong warning sign. No one thinks they are a liar; they are merely people who encountered circumstances where they were "justified" in telling a lie.

    3. Try texting him: "I'd like for us to talk and resolve this problem if we can but I don't think postponing a discussion is helpful. The test of a good relationship is not whether you encounter problems but how you handle the situation when you do encounter problems. I hope we can handle this the right way."

    • I usually give him time and I didn't in any way seem pushy or needy. But it's not normal for him to just drop off the face of the earth when we were supposed to resolve the problem... it seems like an excuse? "The app crashed"

      I just feel like a nuisance. But I'll try to talk to him.

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  • He didn't want to talk about the argument.


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  • Honestly, i'd tell you to take a risk and call him. Say you want to talk about it, and that you don't want to leave it like that. If there's a risk you can brake up, better do it sooner rather than later. Keeps you from obsessing over it.
    Honesty is the best policy.

  • Find new boyfriend. Shady kent.


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