Should I wait for her?

We both just graduated I like her and I've seen signs that she likes me. We are both shy, I told her that I like her and we decided we are not ready to date. She is going to college and doesn't really know how she feels about it. The more I learn about her the more desirable she becomes. I decided I am going to Waite for her when she is ready but I honestly don't know if I should. I need advice.


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  • Yes wait for her. Worth it

    • That is what I thought. She says right now she wants to concentrate on school which I can understand, but I think that is only part of it. Too her parents are still strict and she is shy. And sometimes she will almost hint at she wants to someday.


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  • No, don't wait for her. She will probably find someone else.

    • I often think that. But that is why I still text her daily. And I have helped her and been their for a lot of small things. Im kind of hoping she doesn't forget about me.

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