I'm 23 is 19 too young on online dating?

I set my age range 19-40 don't know if I should change it to 20-40
I'm find with them being older if they are only being the one thats older is when it starts to feel wired.
My brother and his girlfriend are19 and both very mature and can hold an intelligent conversation. Though my brother may think of it as strange if i dated someone his age.


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  • nah, it's ok as long as she's +18 👍


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  • 19 isn't too young, if you said 17 while you're 23 then that might be a problem to some and if you went lower... well you see where i'm going with this lol. Age doesn't define "maturity" your actions do. So, good luck ^^


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  • On online dating sites the age range is a suggestion not a direct comment on the personality. Most dating sites have a minimum age of 18, set your range to 18 - 40, talk to your matches/likes. You can have mature 18 year olds and childish 40 year olds, you won't know till you talk to them.

  • Under 40 is too young for online dating.

    • No its not WTF?

    • Google average age of the online dater. It's generally older people who sometimes pretend to be younger.

    • Average though