Had a good conversation and meeting with girl I liked but not sure how to continue momentum?

had meet this girl I was really attracted to a few months back at a country bar I go to , she partied there a lot and is a server there , really good looking young woman. I've seen her at work several times and never really talked in depth with her , sort of had a poor feel for what she though about me , though she might of liked me but nothing had really happened.

anyways unexpectedly I ran into her at another bar I go to , and said hi to her and we talked for a bit , things seemed really positive and that there was a legitimate connection between us. I talked to her a couple times through the night and noticed she seemed jealous when she caught me talking to another girl. anyways I felt things between us was more stronger than I realised and that she definitely was into me. but I'm not really sure how to continue the momentum , the bar she works at is crazy busy and at best I'd say "hi " to her and maybe casually talk to her at bar , I can't see anything really happening , I'm just not sure where to take things next


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  • Ask for her number so that y'all can hang out sometime when she isn't at work.

    • the asking for # crossed my mind , it might be hard to ask her at work though , sort of taboo to ask a bartender for there number when there working. I tried to find her online but didn't come up with much other than a locked instagram page


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  • Aren't you a little old to be asking17 year olds' questions?