2 part question - If someone cancels a date with you should you be the one to ask again & how many times should you ask?

lol I feel like the poll to this question is rhetorical...

  • If they cancelled once, then I don't see a problem with you asking
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  • If they cancelled multiple times... Maybe you should wait for them to ask.
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  • You shouldn't have to ask someone twice or more
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  • If someone cancels and doesn't suggest a alternative date... They don't want to see you, sorry.
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  • All of the above.
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  • I vote D. If I cancel but I actually feel bad and want to see you then I'll cancel and reschedule immediately. "omg so sorry, have to stay later at work today, huge project just came through, can we try for something next week?" and then we plan. Though some girls are different, so usually I would say asking ONE more time is okay, but if she cancels and doesn't reschedule twice, I'd let it go. Don't play those games.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If someone cancels and doesn't suggest another time, well I guess the message is loud and clear...
    now if they cancel and suggest another time then cancel again, and suggest another time and so forth... on the third cancellation... im done... and i'll just ghost em... period.
    Did that once and almost 4 weeks later she texts me if i still wanted to go on "that date"... told her no and she started saying that i shouldn't have asked her out if i wasn't interested... im glad it was over text... cuz...

    • The rule of 3 makes sense... Can't be giving someone that much leeway unless they proven they are worth it but that usually only works if it's a friend or family member you've know for awhile/years.

      I guess time has ran out with some the girls I was interested in though.

    • there will be more...

    • thanks for MH


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  • Definitely D. It depends on the excuse though


What Guys Said 5

  • It has happened, but she immediately offered an alternative, so it goes to show that something can and will come up. Important enough to cancel the date.

    If that happens and she doesn't say anything else, I'll just let her focus on her problem, whether or not it's there. I would probably call her in a few days.

    Liars are easy to spot and easier to get rid of.

    • No one seems to talk on the phone anymore these days... Makes it easier for liars to lie.

      I'm pretty good at sensing bullshit, but text is always tricky. I guess if I feel no to little effort being sent my way on the idea of meeting up then I should just look elsewhere.

    • An excellent point and one of the reasons I avoid texting on such matters. I prefer to call people. Do give her the benefit of the doubt, but don't linger for too long.

    • How long is too long?

  • If someone cancels, unless it's a severe problem they are obliged to reschedule. Otherwise some things aren't meant to be and I move on.

  • i voted d

  • If someone cancels and doesn't suggest a alternative date... They don't want to see you, sorry.

  • If they cancel and don't ask for another time I would think they aren't interested and just wait for them to get back to you but don't get your hopes up

    • Exactly that's why I need to make those online profiles again and try to get out there.

    • Yeah don't wait on anyone, better to have to many prospects than none at all, you'll drive yourself nuts by hoping she will call