Have you dated any girls who can cook?

Over the last couple of girls I have dated , they all sucked at their female duties , couldn't cook , useless with kids , dumb when it came to making logical decisions , too emotional and get upset over anything omfg. Anway I'm very independent and do my own thing and always cook my meals it be nice to come home once with a female who knew how to Fning cook grrrrr


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  • Female duties? Excuses me, where do you come from? For sure you are one of the guys who call themselves "a nice guy"... wouldn't be surprised.

    • Excuse me , men are hunters and gathers and women are the home carers and ones who raise the young to reproduce and continue the survival of the species, it's science/ evolution. Please also tell me why all the best chefs in the world are men

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    • Thanks for pointing out how small the female brain is, arguing against science and evolution which uses fact and logic. 👌

    • How about learning to read? 😊 nice try

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  • Haha, bro, women don't know how to do shit, actually, show where there are women, most are man hating femninazi, women don't realize yet, but they look more like sexual objects than ever before, i mean why commit to one girl? Be a player and fuck them, then move on to the next and the best part is that you don't have to feel guilty, women earn their own money and take care of themselves.

    WOmen don't know have the shit there mothers knew. Women were much more stronger in the past, nowadays, its just sluts living around.

    My opinion, seduce them by being a gentlemen and screw them, then leave them. and whatever you do, American WOMEN, stay away from them bitches


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  • I used to be the Chef of the Century, but not much do I cook Anymore... A lot More.
    However, I have Dated many who Could Cook up a storm, especially Foreign guys.
    Good luck and Great question, @Lukej044 xx

  • Lol.

  • I know what you mean. I have never once dated a guy who knew how to work on cars or hammer up drywall. But at least they could open the pickle jar, so I guess they were good for something.

  • Not everyone learns the same things at the same time. Yes sometimes females can be a bit lazy and selfish in these things and just want to get served but not all females are like that. At the end if you find someone you truly like you would accept the person for the good and the bad


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  • Yes! I woulden't call them 'female duties', but I have noticed the same thing. Most girls suck at cooking now. Last girl I woulden't even let into the kitchen.
    That's ok because those who suck at cooking do the dishes!

  • Nope