Long story short, my 28 year old friend and i of 4 years that I have/am hooking up with, had a conversation that we both like each other. My boyfriend of 2 years just moved out 2 months ago, and my friend said he wants to take things slow, doesn't want to be my rebound (as im dating others).

IS it about sex?
- he doesn't really initiate taking me out on dates or making plans... although last minute he wants me to come over and spend the night
- asked me in the past to move in with him
- calls/texts daily about random things
- is jealous of other guys

BUT has made 0 MOVES!

I am confused?


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  • sounds like he's unsure or embarrassed. most likely embarrassed

    • about what?

    • fck. autocorrect.. i didn't mean embarrassed i mean it seems like a case of cold feet or simply friends with benefits more than a serious relationship type. he may just be on the chill side of relationships.

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