Is it wrong that I think about this in my relationship?

So I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now and I've always known he didn't have a great past with his relationships and so it didn't bother me most of the time but here and there I would feel like he'd prefer girls that were the complete opposite of me. Like I'm more respectful, loyal, and I take care of any responsibilities like school, family, and work. And he seems to enjoy himself more with his guys and some other people than me. And what I mean by his past relationships, well I saw them firsthand when we were friends and the first girl he dated, he just dated her to not feel "lonely" the second one, he honestly did like but she cheated on him, and the last one, he just dated her because he didn't want to feel lonely and she has a big ass, according to what he told me. And shortly after he broke up with her, he started approaching me and I told him that of he really did like me since the first day of school, he would have to genuinely show it to me, which after a month and a half, we started dating. But I sometimes think about why he wants to be with me and his reason for being with me. But I feel like an asshole for about this now in the relationship. Do you think it's wrong for me to think or feel this way?


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  • Not at all, everyone has a reason why they choose to be with someone and it's only natural/normal to be curious as to why that "said person" chose "me". Just ask him why, be straight forward about it if you really want to know.


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  • Well, yes it's wrong. There is a reason he's dating you. He got fed up with all the other girls and he decided to be with you.