How long do you leave it before asking a girl out on a 2nd date?

So I went out for a first date that lasted several hours. We laughed, flirted and kissed each other several times during the date. I enjoyed myself and he told me he enjoyed himself and would like to see me again soon. We made loose plans to see each other and he kissed me goodbye, but nothing concrete was nailed down.

It's been a couple of days now since that first date. He's made conversation and asked me how I am etc. But he seems a little more reserved, he'll flirt back but he hasn't given me any compliments since the date. He'll reply almost instantly to my messages and take the initiative in starting conversations but I don't understand why he's acting a bit more careful with me. Almost as if he's being really careful with his words.

Is he simply not wanting to come on too strong and waiting for me to ask him out? Or is he just not into me anymore? How long should I leave it before I can expect him to ask me out again?


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  • about a week or two... relax.. too early to tell if he's not into you


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  • Give it 3 ish days. It doesn't really matter but not much longer than that


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  • My boyfriend asked me out the same day of our first date. He didn't wait at all which I really liked.