Some guy keeps hitting on my girlfriend but he's quite a bit bigger than me so I'm wondering what I should do?

There is this slightly mentally retarded guy that is hitting on my girlfriend hard, pretty much once a week he's asking her out. Because he is slightly mentally retarded, his parents have basically made him work out at the gym with a trainer every single day all his life. He's 5'11 and from what I hear, pretty big. I'm 5'7 and 135lbs. I'm not exactly a 135lbs of pure muscle either. I am currently seeing a trainer and hitting the gym but only recently and it can take years to put on sufficient muscle. So until then, what can I do? It was pretty confidence crushing when my girlfriend said "There was no way I could take him on."


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  • You shouldn't beat him up. He has mental problems. Just tell your girlfriend to ignore his advances.


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  • Well, is your girlfriend 100% on your side, or she likely to respond to this other guys advances?
    Yes, it's annoying and wrong to have some other guy hitting on your girlfriend, but he's mentally retarded... Do people expect you to beat up a retard? No, of course not.
    Be cool and confident, let your girlfriend say "Thanks but no thanks", and see if he gets the hint.
    Don't pick a fight.

    • Yeah she can't stand him, no worries there. Guess I just want to be in a place of dominance over him? I don't know. But thank you.

    • Be dominant by treating the situation like it should be treated... You're 100% confident that your girlfriend isn't going to leave you for him, and you understand that he's mentally disabled so you kill him with kindness in a way... You've got nothing to fear, and I doubt he'd start something physical unless you got confrontational with him.


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  • Talk with your girl, tell her this. makes you feel uncomfortable. I mean he is a special needs individual so I'm gonna suggest fighting out of the picture because that wouldn't be good. Tell her she can be polite and nice to this individual but ask her if she can be more stern in the declining of the date... if she could tell the guy she is involved with you and she doesn't. like him like that.

  • what are you afraid off? you can outwit this guy easily and make him go home to cry in his shower and reevaluate his life because he is retarded. are you scared this retard is gonna take your girlfriend or something?