Jealousy over social media?

Does anyone else get irritated when their significant others adds , likes or has the opposite sex on their social media sites.( Facebook, Instagram , snap chat ) . I know it's not healthy. And I'm sure he's not up to nothing but it irks me when I see the same girls like his stuff over & over again. We've been dating for 6 years. So I hid my jealousy the best I can. Because I don't want to accuse him of anything. I just don't feel like other women /girls respect relationships.


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  • Well, I know the feeling. Luckily my boyfriend doesn't have social media and he hates it. But if you know they are friends, then it is just a friend thing. If it's only a like / a thumb up., then it's fine. It's not like theyre texting or chatting your boyfriend everyday or every hour. So chill out, girl.

    • See , he uses social media to post his artwork , or pictures of his vehicles. Rarely he'll post a picture or two of himself. And I guess that's why it bothers me , because with social media , and private messaging on them ' you never know who is trying to talk to him

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    • He hasn't something in regards to us in about 2 years or over. And I guess my insecurities kick in when I see he liked some other girls picture or so when he never likes mine , unless it includes him. I know I'm making all this up , that's why I try to hold it in (: your advice is awesome.

    • Awe, yeah I understand that jealousy. But yeah, boys will be boys. Just put positive thoughts whenever you got your jealousy or insecurities up. Just think about all what he did for you the great stuff, or that you've been together for long. And don't forget to always spice things up, get yourself sexy again, be sweet, make a nice home cooked romantic dinner, and all. Sometimes we are too comfy in relationship and forgot about it.

  • No. Dont pay enough attention to status on social media

  • Jealousy is a personal issue that you'll need to look inwards to figure out. The problem isn't that girls like his fb stuff, it's within yourself and you having an issue with it :) if you're secure in yourself and your relationship then this sort of thing wouldn't happen.