How come women ask me if I have a boyfriend and I reply no, they look at me weird?

How come when women ask me if I have a boyfriend, they look at me weird (like I should already have a boyfriend by now?). Then they ask me why and I reply that I don't know. I am 21 and have never been in a relationship before. I don't go to bars nor do I go clubbing. I have only been cold approached by a guy (he was way older than me) once and I have only had 4 guys, who were strangers, call me beautiful (but they were also way older than my age) in my life up to now. I only get hit on every once in a blue moon. I just feel like guys don't seem interested in me, I've never been asked out, nor has a guy asked for my phone number. For example, My aunt who recently visited me asked me if I had a boyfriend and when I replied no, she asked why. She said that when she already started having bf's when she was 19 years old. She said she doesn't understand why I don't have a boyfriend because I have a very good body shape and that I have a model's body (hourglass figure). I am 5'6 and weigh 120 pounds, I wear makeup and nice clothing whenever I go out. My mom always tells me that I should have a boyfriend by now but she forbids me from doing online dating. Women friends of my father (they work with him in his job) ask me if I have a boyfriend and they all get surprised that I still do not have a boyfriend by now. I feel really pressured to find a significant other yet I feel like I don't get that much attention from guys.

Additionally, I don't know if this has been affecting my dating life but I have a babyface and people constantly tell me how I look so much younger than my age.


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  • Tell them to mind their own business.


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  • I'll be your boyfriend.


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