I just had a baby and his father (my fiancé) has only been in once?

shortly after giving birth to my son he was admitted to the hospital with possible pneumonia; resulting in a week long treatment process. My fiancé was here for the first day but slept the entire time and has me do absolutely everything by myself. He woke up once to stick a pacifier in our sons mouth and then he went straight back to bed. Mind you he was also asleep almost the entire time I was in labor as well (25 hours). He left the next day to go back to work; which was fine. However, he has made little to no effort to even contact me since to see how our son is doing or anything and has not shown his face here either. So I'm left here with no clothes, no food, and no money (wallet is at home) and he hasn't even attempted to bring anything in for me. He's more concerned with working on his mothers race car. How do I even handle this situation? I'm stressed to the max and holding back tears constantly (they say its post pardum depression) and have never felt more alone and quite frankly, repulsed, by someone's actions in my entire life.


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  • Aww I'm sorry *hugs*
    I'd be with my girl as much as possible. Having a baby is a bonding thing

  • He doesn't want to be a father

    • We already have two children and he loves being a father. He's always with the kids. Its just that right now he's so uninvolved and distant.

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  • You'll have to bring it up with him